Indulge yourself to the secrets of Cretan Gastronomy


Crete and Gastronomy are inseperable. In Lameriana Secret Village we try to highlight the great connection between hospitality and cretan diet as part of our culture.

Looking for new flavors and creative cuisine always based on the traditional flavors are the best things about holidays in Crete.

Aromatic Cretan herbs, organic vegetables from our garden, local products such as famous cheese graviera, thyme honey, extra virgin olive oil from Lameriana property and the finest meat and fish all lead you to a gastronomic experience you will never forget.

Crete is famous for its wine and the traditional drink found nowhere else, named raki. Keep in mind that the owner of Lameriana has a special collection of the finest wines and raki of the island which our guests can discover and enjoy the unique flavors.



For Cretans, simplicity of breakfast is the key to a full of energy day!

Omelletes with eggs from our farm, traditional cretan cheese, thyme honey, fresh vegetables, milk, cereals, different types of homemade pies every day, hot bread, sweet pastries, freshly squeezed orange juice, homemade marmelades and sheep yoghurt are some of the main things in Lameriana Breakfast. The pies are all homemade with local ingredients such delicious local cheese (graviera, athotyros etc)

Also, in Lameriana breakfast there is the chance to taste local herbal teas and beverages found in the mountains of Psiloritis, or in our own yards.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we want to make it value for you!


Lunch and dinner

Remarkable tastes and flavors with great view of Cretan Nature.

The chef has designed a menu consisting of fresh and local ingredients tasting the flavors and nutritional elements in traditional but exciting ways.

Fresh salads, local meat, our vegetables are all created jointly by the talented staff of the restaurant.

Dinner, which you can enjoy by the pool watching the unique summer sunset, is also an unforgettable experience in Lameriana. Great meals at a hospitable and relaxing environment create great memories of holidays.

Lastly, do not forget that in Lameriana Village as an additional service, our chef could cook for you privately and prepare a unique three course meal only for you and your beloved ones.


Wine cellar

Grab a glass and enjoy!

Crete hosts one of the largest vineyards in Greece, in terms of both size and production. The Cretan vineyard has the longest history and continuous presence in Europe, if not in the whole world. Archaeological findings and historical sources have proven that the Cretan vineyard has never ceased to produce wine from the Minoan times to the present day.

For Cretan people wine is their passion and glory and many different great varieties improve the quality of it make us really proud! The owner of Lameriana has created a special collection of cretan wine such as vilana, vidiano, thrapsathiri, liatiko etc. In Lameriana you could participate in “oinogeusia- course” means wine tasting with the guidance of the owner who will share some of the secrets of good wine.

So, whether it’s simply a glass or two with dinner, or an exclusive tasting evening, Lameriana wine cellar has a perfect choice for you.


Cooking Lessons

Do you want to learn our food local culture? In Lameriana Secret Village is your chance!

Maria, the owner’s wife, is here to teach you how to prepare the cretan cuisine. Traditional homemade cretan recipes such as lamb with herbs or vegetables, fried snails, rabbit stew, traditional pies with homemade crust etc.

Inform Maria 2 days earlier and book your cooking lesson and be sure you will really enjoy the procedure!


Homemade products

Carefully selected fresh fruit are the ingredients of Maria’s homemade sweets, jam and liqueur. Oranges, tangerines, grapes, pomegranates, figs and cherries are some of the flavors that Cretan nature generously offers. Discover a wide variety of traditional homemade products in Lameriana Village hotel.

Sweets: Orange, strawberry, grape, fig, cherry, bergamot and pomegranate.

Liqueur: Lemon, ginger, prickly pear, bergamot, cherry, strawberry, pomegranate, tangerine and orange.

Jam: citrus trees (orange, tangerine, and lemon), prickly pear, strawberry, kiwi, gig, grape and peach

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